Welcome at Friends Home

Eckhard Klingenburg and his wife, Pernille, are continuing the old family tradition which began with the “Rheingold-Terrassen”. The hotel was given its present name of “Unter den Linden” during the time of Paul Klingenburg, the grandfather and Olympic icon of 1930s Berlin, in memory of the German capital with its splendid boulevard which impressed him so much. A lush haven for holidays, memorable experiences and enjoyment awaits you. Unforgettable moments spent in the comfort of a modern hotel which has an appealing ambience, masses of flowers and a sensational position with views over the Rhine. When you stay here you soon lose all sense of time!

"A garden paradise"

Am I really on the Rhine? - The garden is the flowering heart which beats in the shade of the linden trees. An opulent array of beautiful blooms will seduce you and invite you to linger. Here beneath shade-giving vines, roofed over for all-weather use, is a small Garden of Eden, where the blue grapes seem to grow straight into your mouth. To eat and drink in the open air between green box-bushes, exuberant hanging baskets and exotic bougainvillea, is like having a wonderful picnic on soft cushions or at beautifully set tables. Aromas from the kitchen mix with the scent of summer lightness. Indulge yourself here with cakes made with fresh fruit, cool drinks or melt-in-the-mouth desserts with coffee and tea specialities.

Greater, for hotel and restaurant guests, free parking place, directly at the hotel.