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History of Hotel Unter den Linden

The history of the hotel "Unter den Linden" History

After the passing of Eckhard Klingenburg his wife, Pernille is continuing the old family tradition which began with the “Rheingold-Terrassen”. The hotel was given its present name of “Unter den Linden” during the time of Paul Klingenburg, the grandfather and Olympic icon of 1930s Berlin, in memory of the German capital with its splendid boulevard which impressed him so much.

  • 1921
    In 1921 Leonard Schmieg of Assmannshausen purchased the plot of land.
  • 1923 - 1924
    Construction of the planned hotel began in Spring 1923 and was completed in Autumn 1924. The hotel was callhotehotel was called "Rheingold Terrassen".
  • 1945
    Mr Leonard Schmieg and his wife Louise managed the hotel until 1945. It was closed for some time during the war years. Mr Leonard Schmieg died in 1945.
  • 1945 - 1947
    From March 1945 until the end of 1947 the hotel was occupied by the American armed forces. During this time it was used as an officers club.
  • 1949
    In Spring 1949, after the withdrawal of the American armed forces, Leonard Schmieg’s daughter, Hedwig Klingenburg, took over the hotel with her husband, Paul Klingenburg, and changed its name to "Unter den Linden".
  • 1936
    Mr. Paul Klingenburg won in 1936 in the Olympic games in Berlin the silver medallion in the water-ball with the "German Water-Ball nationwide team".
  • 1964
    Paul Klingenburg died in 1964. After his death Mrs Hedwig Klingenburg continued to run the hotel, together with her son Eckhard Klingenburg and his wife Annemaria Klingenburg.
  • 1996
    Mr Eckhard Klingenburg passed the hotel over to his son Paul Eckhard, who continues to manage it with his wife Pernille today.