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A place to meet friends - Enjoy the experience of the Rhine together Meeting Friends

An important part of this is sitting together around a large table. A place to chat and to listen, to taste and to dine, but where you can also plan and organise activities for the evening or the next day. The fresh green environment on the large terrace is invigorating and forms the perfect backdrop for enjoyment of the fine wines from Rheingau and Mittelrhein. A freshly poured beer or the warm glow of an Asbach Uralt brandy from Rüdesheim are also very popular companions when friends meet in such beautiful surroundings. The Rheingau 3-course dinner which is served on the Rheinterrasse is perfect for groups and clubs.

The taste of summer.

Night Live - Whatever you fancy

The night isn’t only intended for sleeping. Even though we can sleep you comfortably, you can also take advantage of the unlimited evening entertainment and good cheer which Assmannshausen and the world-famous Drosselgasse in nearby Rüdesheim have to offer.

Enjoy your free time