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Teracce of Hotel Unter den Linden

Am i really at the Rhine? Restaurant & Garden Paradise

The garden is the flowering heart which beats in the shade of the linden trees. Aromas from the kitchen mix with the scent of summer lightness. Indulge yourself here with cakes made with fresh fruit, cool drinks or melt-in-the-mouth desserts with coffee and tea specialities.

Impressions of our garden paradise with Rhine view

An opulent array of beautiful blooms will seduce you and invite you to linger. Here beneath shade-giving vines, roofed over for all-weather use, is a small Garden of Eden, where the blue grapes seem to grow straight into your mouth.


Restaurant and terasse with rhineview

To eat and drink in the open air between green box-bushes, exuberant hanging baskets and exotic bougainvillea, is like having a wonderful picnic on soft cushions or at beautifully set tables.